Dental Discount Plans

In the last post we talked about the word “insurance” and how we would continue to use this word because it’s a popular search term. Keep this in mind as we continue this series so there won’t be any confusion.  Dental Insurance Plans, once again,  in most cases is an indemnity plan offered by an insurance provider. Dental Discount Plans are the primary focus throughout this website. Dental Discount Plans are the most popular options for those who do not have a dental insurance plan though their employer. This could be because the company either doesn’t offer a plan or you’re only part-time worker. Although dental discount plans are readily available to just about everyone, many people still don’t have any dental care coverage at all.

If you happen to have some form of dental insurance plan already, you can supplement a dental discount plan along with it because it may offer some additional benefits you primary insurance doesn’t cover. Seeing the dental discount plan IS NOT an insurance plan, there is no conflict with the insurance company for using it as a supplement. One of the biggest differences between a dental insurance plan and a dental discount plan is the fact that there are no dollar-amount limitations on the discounts.  With a dental insurance plan, there is usually a maximum dollar limit per-year available and a minimum deductible and possibly a minimum waiting period that needs to be reached before coverage starts. Both have their pros and cons, but I just wanted to give you a couple of comparisons to help you understand the differences.