Dental “Insurance” – Clarified

As we move into exploring dental discount plans I’m going to continue to use the word “insurance.” The reason for this is relative to how the majority of people will search the internet using the word “insurance” in their primary search term for dental plans. I’m going to explain some of the differences between the two here so it’s clear. The purpose of this series is to educate and inform those who are seriously looking for a dental plan that will supply them the with services they need to keep their teeth and gums maintained.

Firstly, a “dental insurance plan” would be very similar to what may be provided by your employer. It could be a plan like Delta Dental or similar plan cover under Blue Cross or Harvard Pigrim for example. Some employers will pay all or just a portion of the plan and some don’t offer a plan at all unless a predetermined number of employees are interested in a dental insurance plan which is why it’s good to do a dental coverage comparison.

Whatever the case, this plan will usually cover cleanings every six months and x-rays annually. Some of the cost of fillings, root canals and other more detailed services may be covered,  but all plans will vary. A co-payment will usually follow any services performed beyond the cleanings and x-rays and there may be a minimum deductible amount that has to be met before the insurance coverage begins. This is just some of the basics in doing a good dental insurance comparisons, knowing what the differences are.