What Dental Discount Plans Cover

In the last post we starting to get into talking about the dental discount plans and how they work. I took an example from and actual dental discount page and here is a partial list of some of the savings available under one of the many plans available:

Procedure Description Usual Fee 1 Discounted Fee
(for Plan Members) 2
Member Savings Savings Percentage
Routine 6 Month Check-Up $57 $14 $43 75%
In Depth Check-Up $99 $18 $81 82%
Full Mouth X-Rays $144 $45 $99 69%
Four Bitewing X-Rays $70 $23 $47 67%
Panoramic Film $122 $45 $77 63%
Adult Teeth Cleaning $102 $32 $70 69%
Child Teeth Cleaning $75 $27 $48 64%


As you can see, they have some pretty great discounts in the family plan. This plan is only $169.95 per year for a family and there is an initial $15 dollar processing fee to get you started. This plan covers spouse, dependent children and any permanent member of your household.  Another incentive they give you with the plan as I look at it now is they give an extra 3 months for signing up today. The really super part of this is it only takes (2) day for your coverage to be activated! This is why I like the idea of these types of dental discount plans, quick, easy and affordable.  I think that just about anyone can afford $14.17 a month for a family plan.  One last benefit I’ll mention to close is, if you don’t like this plan you can bailout after a year and switch to another one. Discount dental plans are a dental insurance alternative used by individuals and families to save money on dental care.