Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

  I’ve found that in life that we wait until something bad happens before we think about how we could have planned better and been more prepared for it. It’s the same case with dental coverage. We chip a tooth, need a filling done or worst yet a root canal with a crown! Yikes! We go into a local dentist office and they tell is it going to cost big dollars that we don’t have to give them. Well, here’s where a dental insurance with no waiting period comes in. There are places where you can simply visit a website that offers dental insurance with no waiting periods where you; pay for a select plan, print your member card, make an appointment and go to a dentist!

 Many people don’t know about this dental insurance with no waiting periods pay and go plans, so they sign up for an 18 month no-interest payment plan that seems reasonable which has a monthly payment plan of so many dollars a month they seemingly can afford. What they don’t know is you won’t pay it off in 18 months if you pay just the minimum payments, and, the interest rate goes up to sometimes 30+% after the 18 months is up! Point is, it would be wiser to head in the with a dental insurance with no waiting periods,  even if you had to finance part of it, than to finance the whole thing.

No one wants to have to admit they have no dental coverage and no money to get it fixed when they are in pain where a dental procedure needs to be done. Like any type of insurance, you may not need it right now, put when the day comes that you do need it you’re going to be a lot better off with some insurance coverage.

If you’re here reading this, take a few moments and consider a dental insurance plan with no waiting periods.