Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors

  Welcome seniors! I’m pretty close to being one myself so I hope you can relate to this post. We still need to be taking care of our oral health as we get into our senior years.  Dental insurance for seniors is available in a wide range of choices and prices. We’re all looking for the best prices, but we also need to keep in mind that we all have different situations.

Some seniors have false teeth, some have their original teeth and them still others are somewhere in between. This is where to start in regards to looking at dental insurance plans for seniors.What type of coverage do I need for my personal oral health situation? The second thing to look at would be your financial situation. What can I actually afford? As I’ve mentioned in some of my other pages and posts, there are basically three choices; a dental discount type plan, a dental insurance plan and an insurance indemnity plan, which  is a plan usually provided by your employer through an insurance company.

If you’re retired, the the dental insurance discount plan or the dental discount insurance plan would be the only two options. As we move forward in exploring dental insurance plans for seniors, lets break down the two plans mentioned above for “retired” seniors. A  “dental discount program” is a plan  where you will get a certain discount percentage off services provided, such as standard visits for cleanings and x-rays as well as orthodontic care.

The percent of the discount many vary per whichever specific service is needed. With a “dental discount program” you’ll almost always need to pay your percentage of the services rendered right as you’re leaving the visit. Doing a good dental insurance comparison before you make any final decision to participate in a dental program is a smart choice. A “dental insurance discount plan” is one you would use like health insurance. You pay a fixed monthly amount towards dental insurance plans for seniors which will cover some procedures in full where other services would only be a percentage of the total cost and you make a co-payment.

Additionally, some may have a minimum deductible you have to reach before certain service will be eligible for coverage. You can find more  in-depth details about these various coverages on my “Comparison” page. I hope this gives you some ideas of what’s actually available to seniors and what to look for in that of dental insurance plans for seniors. Knowing what coverages you need for you personal needs is the most fundamental place to start your search.