About Us

About Us A little about Us

What I do: I’ve ventured into the realm of learning to build websites over the last several months after thinking about it for years. Let me tell you, stop thinking about what you want to do and just do it. I’m basically learning something new every day and so it goes with the speed of technology changing almost on a daily basis.

Why I do it:  My passion is to build websites that provide practical resources and information that the majority of the population would benefit from. We all need to care of our teeth, so I’ve done a lot of research and spent a lot of time digging up information for months in the area of dental plans.  I’ve got a lot of other ideas in the works, so I hope you’re finding this website interesting and informative.

My Family:  That’s my family in the picture to the left. That’s me (Ken,) on the far left with my daughter Danielle to my right, my wife Lizette is next with my son Macgyver in front if her and last but not least is my oldest daughter Brianna . (Brianna has braces and Macgyver is being fitted for a space maintainer. ( Yes, you really need dental coverage if you have kids.)